My Generation, My Love: A Multimedia Contest《我的年代、我的愛情》徵文、獨白及短片創作比賽


My Generation, My Love: A Multimedia Contest



Co-organized by Dramaone and UBC Department of Asian Studies

Supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto)



Tales of romantic love from your generation are best told by YOU. Channel your feelings and values of love through three different media formats. Winners will be selected from each category respectively. 

通過三個組別形式,讓你抒發屬於你年代的情感,同時籍此了解新一代的愛情觀, 每組各選出最突出的愛情故事。



Essay: submit a Chinese essay (800 characters max)

Monologue: submit an audio recording in Cantonese or Mandarin (1-3 minutes)

Short film: submit a video in any language (8-10 minutes)

組别1: 徵文 – 800 字(中文)
組别2: 獨白 (1 至 3 分鐘 錄音獨白Monologue, 粤語組及普通話組)
組别3: 短片 (8-10 分鐘 短片short film, 不限語言)



Short film: CAD$300 and a swag bag from UBC Asian Studies

Essay: CAD$100 and a swag bag from UBC Asian Studies

Monologue: CAD$100 and a swag bag from UBC Asian Studies

短片組(Short Film)
金奬($300現金奬) 及 卑詩大學亞洲研究學系禮物包
文章組 (Article)
金奬($100現金奬) 及 卑詩大學亞洲研究學系禮物包
獨白(Monologue )
金奬($100現金奬) 及 卑詩大學亞洲研究學系禮物包



All residents of Canada

参加資格: 加拿大全國居民


Submission method and deadline:

Please submit your entries by email to by January 24, 2021.


截止日期: 2021年1月24日



Mr. Peter Poon, Artistic Director, Dramaone 

Ms. May Soo, Executive Director, Dramaone 

Mr. Yi Hing Ong, Writer, Director, and Actor

評判: 潘煒強、蘇柔美及王貽興


Online Contest:

Submitted entries will be played in a public Zoom meeting on February 12, 2021, where the adjudicating panel will select and announce the winners. Award-winning works will be available online in the future. 

決賽日: 2021年2月12日於綱上以 ZOOM 形式舉行,即場將播放參賽作品,現場公佈結果。



In case of disputes, the organizers reserve the right to make the final decision.