Cantonese Musicals: Why, Why, Tell Me Why? 粵語音樂劇的十萬個為什麼

Cantonese Culture MasterClass Series – Cantonese Musicals: Why, Why, Tell Me Why?

粵語文化大師班講座系列 – 粵語音樂劇的十萬個為什麼

Speaker: Tom Chan

講者: 陳恩碩

Tom Chan, Hong Kong director, actor, producer, screenwriter, composer and lyricist. Since the age of 4, he has participated in public stage performances, and has performed nearly a hundred performances. He has cooperated with many Hong Kong professional theater troupes. In 2013, he directed the Cantonese version of “Grease” at the age of 15 and became the youngest director of public performance in Hong Kong. He is currently the founder and artistic director of Boom Theater. In 2021, an audition was held for the musical “Little Man Weekly” jointly produced with Lawrence Cheng, with Tom Chan as the screenwriter, composer, lyricist, director and producer. From 2022, Hong Kong’s first long-lived musical “Our Journal of Springtime”, a joint venture between Boom Theater and other entertainment companies, has been running non-stop at the rebuilt independent theater in Kwai Hing. It is hoped that this project will change the live theatre culture for the Hong Kong audience.
陳恩碩,香港舞台劇導演、演員、製作人、編劇、作曲及填詞。4歲起參與公開舞台劇演出,演出場次近百場,曾與多個香港專業劇團合作。2013年,以15歲之齡執導《油脂》粵語版成為香港最年輕的公開演出導演。現為爆炸戲棚 Boom Theatre 創辦人及藝術總監。2021年,與鄭丹瑞聯合出品,由陳恩碩擔任編劇、作曲、填詞、導演及監製的音樂劇《小男人周記》音樂劇舉行試演。2022年起,爆炸戲棚聯同其他娛樂公司合資的香港首個長壽音樂劇《我們的青春日誌》於葵興改建的獨立劇場無間斷上演,希望藉此項目改變香港人的觀劇文化。

February 24, 2023 6-7:30pm PDT
(HK Time February 25 10-11:30am)

二零二三年二月二十四日 晚上6至7點半 溫哥華時間
(香港時間 二月二十五日 早上10至11點半)

Program in Cantonese on Zoom
粵語講座於網上以 ZOOM 形式舉行

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