Popular Culture – Cantonese Lyrics Writing in Vancouver

Cantonese Popular Culture Master Class Series – Popular Culture – Cantonese Lyrics Writing in Vancouver

粵語流行文化大師班講座系列 –  《粵語歌詞 展現流行文化 正在溫哥華》

Program in Cantonese on Zoom
粵語講座於網上以 ZOOM 形式舉行

講者 Speakers: Mini Choi, Michael Lee
About Mini Choi:

Mini Choi is an interdisciplinary artist and pastor who has cast herself in roles as a broadcaster, author, lyricist, director, columnist, painter, and gallerist. Mini worked as DJ, Producer, Music Director, and Content Development Strategist at Commercial Radio Hong Kong, the most popular radio channel for the younger generation. She also worked for TVB, Now TV, HK Cable TV, and RTHK. Mini, an award-winning lyricist, has published five books and over three hundred lyrics.

She has been invited as a guest lecturer, teacher, teaching assistant, and speaker at The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Parsons School of Design, Regent College, Vancouver School of Theology, and The University of British Columbia. Mini holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies with a concentration in Christianity and the Arts from Regent College and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.

Mini Choi – 跨媒體創作人,牧師,Mini and Michael Gallerists 創辦人,媒體 PRESS MINI 創辦人。任職主流媒體包括 商業電台 ( 商業電台 內容策劃、叱咤903 國際音樂總監、叱咤903 節目監製及節目主持 );香港電台,有線電視,now.com.hk 節目主持,TVB Music 宣傳及造型,TVB 節目設計及節目主持;Now TV節目內容供應,節目導演、節目監製、節目製作及節目主持;音樂製作人、小說及專欄作家,填詞人,填詞作品超過300首。2009年度加拿大至Hit中文歌曲排行榜全國推崇作詞人,2008年度 香港數碼音樂頒獎典禮 最高次數下載MV 作詞獎,2008年度 CASH金帆音樂獎 最佳另類作品填詞獎。香港作曲家及作詞家協會 會員。2019年,神學碩士畢業後,由唱片騎師轉為牧師,在多間教會講道。參與教育事務包括 Vancouver School of Theology,Regent College, University of British Columbiz, Parsons School of Design – The New School,香港大學,香港中文大學及香港都會大學等。

About Michael Lee:

Michael Lee, a.k.a. michaelmichaelmichael is a designer and a media artist, graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, a world leader in education and research, and studied at Regent College, an innovative graduate school of evangelical theology. Lee is the co-founder of “Mini and Michael Gallerists” and “PRESS MINI”, the cross-media business establishment airing since 2011, incorporated since 2008. Mini and Michael Gallerists is an innovative global art business
serving clients from Asia to North America. 200+ artists exhibited with us in 100+ exhibitions. PRESS MINI broadcasts lifestyle inspirations: art, culture, design, food, and travel. The cross-media business establishment promotes moments and celebrates choices via events, prints, and screens. As a designer/art director / creative director /director, Lee worked in leading media and communication companies – Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co., Ltd. ( Commercial Radio ), Television
Broadcasting Limited ( TVB ), and PCCW Limited. As an artist, Lee’s works were shown in Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Michael Lee – 跨媒體創作人, Mini and Michael Gallerists 創辦人,媒體 PRESS MINI 創辦人。任職主流媒體包括 Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Company Limited ( Director of Multimedia Services, Creative Director ) , PCCW ( Chief Designer ), Television Broadcasts Limited ( Art Director )。參與教育事務包括 University of British Columbia,Parsons School of Design – The New School 及 University of Hong Kong。 The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club 前會員, The Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong 會員。

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